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My passion for Home Theater, Audio and Video has grown considerably over the past 30 years.  My love for Home Theater has provided me with an opportunity to connect with an audience through the Youtube Platform. I have the heart of a teacher and love providing content that is both educational as well as entertaining. My Youtube Channel provides a platform for me to share my creativity, share my knowledge and experience as well as reviews of current products from various audio and video manufacturers. Youthman Reviews began in 2018 with only 2000 Youtube subscribers and has grown to over 53,000 subscribers and 8 Million views in the past 2 years!

Product Reviews, Home Theater Tours and Giveaways

Youthman Reviews provides home theater and 2ch product reviews on Youtube, home theater tours as well as awesome home theater giveaways!

Home Theater Product Reviews


Do you have a new product you want to share with the Home Theater community? Youthman Reviews can help. Youthman Reviews provides unbiased home theater and 2ch product reviews. My goal is to provide the consumer with accurate information about home theater and 2ch products from a consumer's perspective. As a consumer myself, I know what I'm looking for in a review when I am considering purchasing a product which is typical for most home theater and 2ch enthusiasts / audiophiles. Contact me below if you would like to have your product reviewed or visit

Home Theater Tours


Home Theater Tours are one of the best ways to provide inspiration as well as education for consumers that are looking for ideas when building or upgrading their own home theater. Youthman Reviews provides in-depth home theater tours that allow consumers an inside look at home theaters across the US. If your brand would like to see one or more of your customer's theater room featured or if you are a customer that would like to share your theater room with the world, reach out to me at [email protected]. Visit to view various home theater tours that we have done.

Brand Promotional Giveaways


Home Theater enthusiasts love giveaways! Youthman Reviews can provide maximum exposure and generate massive excitement for your brand through the use of giveaways on my Youtube channel and other social media platforms. If you would like to market your brand and products to a specific niche audience of home theater enthusiasts, feel free to reach out to me.

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