2021 Q4 Seminars

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#day 1

Monday - 25 October 2021
9:00 AM PT

The AV Summit Q4 Begins

Welcome to The AV Summit 2021 Q4! Open access to the entire site starts now.
Joe "Joe N Tell" Mariano
10:00 AM PT

The Case for Objective and Subjective Audio Reviews

Joe and guest hosts will discuss the case for objective and subjective audio reviews.
Joe "Joe N Tell" Mariano
12:00 PM PT

$5K budget: UST Laser Projector vs. Overhead Home Theater Projector vs. 83" OLED TV

Joe and Stop the FOMO will discuss the pros and cons of UST projectors, overhead projectors and OLED TV all under a $5000 budget.
Joe "Joe N Tell" Mariano, Stop the FOMO
4:00 PM PT

Daily HiFi Podcast

Join the Daily HiFi team as they discuss the start of The AV Summit and what's new in audio and video.
Joe "Joe N Tell" Mariano, Channa De Silva, Youthman

#day 2

Tuesday - 26 October 2021
9:30 AM PT

SonicPresence | Virtual Experience Sponsor

Chris, Mike, and Russel from SonicPresence will answer the question, "What is Spatial Audio?"
Chris Van Deusen, Managing Partner
11:00 AM PT

SVS | Silver Sponsor

Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Subwoofer

From room size and listening preferences to budget and style concerns, we’ll cover every factor you need to consider when choosing a subwoofer for your home theater or stereo system.

Tips for Engaging People to the Joys of High-Performance Audio

People often joke about the “WAF – Wife Acceptance Factor” when it comes to buying audio gear. We explore how to engage newcomers to the world of audio in a way that embraces their own passions.
Nick Brown and Larry McGough
1:00 PM PT

Parasound | Silver Sponsor

Joe Finn from Parasound will be answering all of the Parasound: Frequently Asked Amplifier Questions
Joe Finn, Marketing and Training Manager
2:30 PM PT

Monolith by Monoprice | Gold Sponsor

Hobie Sechrest of Monoprice will be giving us a sneak peek at all of the new products coming for the holidays.
Hobie Sechrest, Business Manager
4:00 PM PT

OSD Audio | Gold Sponsor

Simon Spears from Audio Gear Group will be explaining why cranking the stereo volume is not whole house audio.
Simon Spears, Sales Director

#day 3

Wednesday - 27 October 2021
10:00 AM PT

Hisense | Platinum Sponsor

Chris Miller of Hisense will be discussing the Future of TV and Hisense.
Chris Miller, Product Marketing Manager
11:30 AM PT

Kaleidescape and Trinnov | Diamond Sponsor

Kaleidescape and Trinnov will be discussing the new Height and Sight of Sound.
Brett Bjorkquist, Senior Manager, Dealer Engagement, Kaleidescape and Jon Herron, Managing Director, Trinnov Audio
1:00 PM PT

Value Electronics | Gold Sponsor

Robert Zohn, President of Value Electronics, will be talking about all the Value Electronic deals. 
Robert Zohn, President
2:30 PM PT


Jakob Ågren of Dirac will be discussing measurement based bass management.
Jakob Ågren, Head of Product Management

#day 4

Thursday - 28 October 2021
10 AM - 1 PM PT

Virtual Booth - Meeting Rooms

Private presentations with your favorite brands. Visit each exhibitor and see what's new!
The AV Summit 2021 Q4 All Access Attendees Only
3:00 PM PT

Kali Audio | Silver Sponsor

Charles Sprinkle and Nate Baglyos will be going over the LP-Series 2nd Wave.
Charles Sprinkle, Director of Acoustics

#day 5

Friday - 29 October 2021
12 PM - 3 PM PT

Attendee System Tours | Audio Community

It’s your turn to show us your system! Don’t even bother cleaning up. #showusyourjunk! Take the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other audio enthusiasts. Share your own tips & tricks.

Exclusive to All Access attendees only.
The AV Summit 2021 Q4 All Access Attendees Only
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