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Yamaha shares your passion for great sound. As one of the largest makers of musical instruments and audio products in the world, we design innovative products that deliver true sound reproduction for your music and entertainment experience.Yamaha Hi-Fi components are designed to deliver superior sound quality and enhance the potential of a sophisticated home audio system. From innovative turntables to integrated amplifiers, Yamaha audio products are designed to pursue intangible musical quality that breathes life into high-fidelity audio.With more than 130 years of experience, Yamaha has grown to become the world's leading sound company. These products embody that heritage with time-honored craftsmanship and market-leading innovation that serve as the epitome of high-fidelity audio reproduction. 

The New A-S3200

In unyielding pursuit of innovation and musicality, Yamaha is proud to present its newest integrated amplifiers. Meticulously designed from the ground up, these integrated amplifiers realize the ambitions of the artist and establish a new benchmark in high-fidelity audio. The flagship of the three new amps is the Yamaha A-S3200. The A-S3200 pays homage to the unparalleled musical history while embodying the latest in Hi-Fi innovation, an expressive, dynamic instrument that effortlessly delivers music with all its emotion. The moment you close your eyes, your surroundings disappear, and you are enveloped completely in music. Immersed in a feeling of unity — as if in a live concert. Leaving absolutely nothing between you and the music. True sound. For those who truly love music. 


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