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PIEGA is committed to providing best-in-class loudspeakers and superior sound quality, enabling music to not only be heard but also felt and experienced. Through innovation, ingenious materials and a lot of courage to blaze new trails, we build loudspeakers for you to enjoy a perfect musical experience – and have been doing so for over 30 years.

Product Lineup

The entire PIEGA range is made up of 6 series of speakers; Master, Coax, TMicro AMT, Premium, Premium Wireless, & Custom install. We've highlighted the flagship Master series, the award-winning Coax, and our newest addition the Premium Wireless.



Master Line Source models are milestones in loudspeaker construction. After extensive research, calculations and many sleepless nights, we have been able to combine the worldwide uniqueness of our coaxial ribbon system into a dipole speaker.


COAX copy

The Coax series, equipped with coaxial ribbon systems, plays every piece of music with incredible precision and speed. The simultaneous transmission of all high and mid-range frequencies provides a clear, natural and flawless sound pattern. The high end Coax series is beautifully sculpted. The portfolio includes the bookshelf Coax 311 loudspeaker, the slim column loudspeaker Coax 511, the column loudspeaker Coax 711 and the Coax Center 111. All models are produced by hand with the utmost care by dedicated PIEGA employees in our studios in Horgen. The speakers are acoustically adapted and subjected to rigorous testing before they leave our works

Premium Wireless


The trend towards digitalization is having an increasing effect on our day-to-day lives and has also given rise to changes in the use of music media. Music accompanies us throughout our entire life and can be taken with us anywhere. Digital play lists and music streaming are driving out the use of records and CDs. The change also affects the way in which we handle music and where, when and how we consume it. However, this increased mobility took its toll, as the first wireless systems suffered from a reduction in sound quality. PIEGA’s Premium Wireless Series consists of three wirelessly controllable active loudspeakers as well as PIEGA connect. This module is used for connecting existing HiFi components and for the wireless transmission of music signals to the loudspeakers. The signals are transmitted via a lossless digital wireless link, enabling music to be played via analogue and digital inputs, as well as via the integrated Bluetooth aptX module. In this way you can stream your favorite music, directly from your smartphone, tablet or notebook.

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