Nessie & Hannl Record Cleaners


About Us

Founded in Germany in 2002 the Nessie and Hannl vinly cleaners operate up to 75% quieter than thier competitors. Using timed, automated, & bi-directional cleaning rotations they have one of the quietest and effective cleaning experiences on the market. These easy to clean beautiful machines offer a small footprint and are backed with a full lineup of cleaning tools and accessories.

Product Lineup

The Nessie & Hannl line up consists of 4 total machines the Vinlycleaner, Vinylcleaner Pro, Vinylmaster and HANNL Mera Professional. Each unit is ready to take on any dirty LP you can throw at it!



• Designed for manual washing of vinyl records • Crafted from high-grade deep black acrylic • Incredibly quiet, featuring low-noise extraction turbine • Platter automatically rotates clockwise and counterclockwise for effective cleaning • Integrated wastewater tank, with automatic extraction cycle • Includes record label protectors, integral for hand cleaning machines • Includes anti-static mat, 200ml Vinylin spray bottle, Nessie Standard record brush, and aluminum record weight



• Designed for automatic washing of vinyl records • Crafted from high-grade deep black acrylic • Mounted arm brush features twin nylon brush design • Machine automatically supplies the perfect amount of cleaning fluid for each record • Extraction begins automatically once drying arm has been placed over record • Incredibly quiet vacuum pump will automatically shut down after one full revolution • One-touch operating button controls entire process

HANNL Mera Professional


• Designed for automatic washing of vinyl records • Crafted from 1cm black high gloss carbon acrylic • Utilizes the patented HANNL round brush, providing a gentle and deep cleaning • Adjustable platter speed and platter direction • Automatic mode - supplies perfect amount of fluid, with set washing & drying time • Six-step switch for different functions • Operates at a very quiet 46 decibels

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