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From The Studio To Your Home.

Drawing on five decades of making the world’s best-sounding records at Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab studios, Mobile Fidelity Electronics focus on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproduction. Each product is the result of collaboration with some of the industry’s finest engineers and stems from years of studio experience. Our turntables, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers are designed to spotlight what Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab continues to do with its famous Original Master Recordings: Getting you closer to what the original artist intended.

New For Q4 HiFi Summit

Ending the year on a high note MoFi Electronics has developed 3 new amazing products that will either take your system to the next level or get you started on the right path.

NEW! - StudioDeck Foundation


The StudioDeck Foundation is all about getting to the core or - Foundation of what makes MoFi Electronics’ award-winning turntables so extraordinary. We’ve stayed true to why our tables some of the best in the game while creating a new entry point to the world of MoFi Electronics. The StudioDeck Foundation offers all of our favorite features of the StudioDeck; Constrained Layer Dampening, 3/4” Delrin Platter, Inverted Steel & Teflon Bearing, Isolated AC Motor, and our 10” Studio Tonearm. The only differences are the new Foundation feet, we’ve ditched the dustcover, but kept the hinges just in case, and of course the price.

The StudioDeck Foundation retails for $999
Ships with StudioTracker MM phono cartridge.

NEW! - MoFi Edition LS3/5a Monitor Loudspeakers By Falcon Acoustics


Hand-built in Oxford England by Falcon Acoustics the MoFi Edition Monitors are a limited run of the legendary LS3/5a speaker. Manufactured under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation and built in accordance with their rigid specifications, Falcon speakers are the only LS3/5a on the market that faithfully replicates the original BBC design published in October 1976. Available in an exclusive Black Ash cabinet and utilizing Falcon’s proprietary hand-built drivers and filter networks these speakers offer not only a stunning fit and finish but a sound that will make you swear you’re in the recording booth.

Shipping while they last for $1,995

NEW! - Ultra Low Noise Feet


MoFi Electronics will have your system putting it’s best foot forward with our new Ultra Low Noise Feet. We’ve adapted our anti-vibration feet developed in part by Harmonic Resolution Systems for our award-winning turntables and came up with a design to take any component to the next level. The Ultra Low Noise Feet vibration dispersing design will give your stereo new definition, tonality, and dynamics that must be heard to be believed!

Sold in packs of 4 for $199
Available in 3 different weight classes 8-16lb, 16-24lb, & 24-32lb

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