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Who is "Cherry Amplifier"?

Cherry Amplifier® is a brand of Digital Amplifier Company (founded 1996). We went from intellectual property development for semiconductor companies to full production of high performance audio amplifiers. Our goal has been ultimate sound quality ever since. We develop our own circuits from the smallest component up, as well as the unique look and feel of Cherry Amplifier products. Our amplifiers deliver the ability to drive difficult speakers (such as electrostatic) with control and authority. We provide ultra-precise low level detail for that super important "first watt". We build in tons of headroom for powerful transient delivery. We design for extremely low noise so the music glides atop a black background. We offer features like end-to-end DC coupling, true balanced operation, auto-sleep, ultra-low distortion, and extended frequency response. We design our amps for high performance on the bench, but more importantly, ultimate sonic satisfaction! Our first product was the DAC4800A amplifier. We followed on with the Stereo Cherry, Cherry ULTRA, Cherry MONO, Cherry MONO ULTRA, now referred to as “Classic Cherry” amplifiers. The Maraschino series came next, then the MEGAschino series, and now the multi-channel x-CHerry series. We now also make DACs and accessories. Over the last several years, our products gained appreciation from serious audio enthusiasts as well as professional reviewers due to extreme performance and customer satisfaction.

Cherry Amplifiers and DACs

Our products (monoblock amplifiers, 2-channel amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers, DACs, and accessories) are focused on sound quality. We do things right, such as end-to-end DC coupling, super low distortion, massive headroom, high power, high damping factor, wide bandwidth, true balanced operation, and huge dynamic range. We believe in superior customer service. Note from the founder: Unlike the "big name" brands, we believe in speaking with our customers directly. We believe in providing the best value and making sure we're here for our customers long term. We know who puts the food on our tables, and our customers are the reason our company exists. Nothing is more important to us than making our customers happy!

Maraschino Amplifier


The Desktop Maraschino Cherry Amplifier is a 400W, high performance monoblock power amplifier.



The x-CHerry is a high power, high performance 2-5 channel 400Wpc power amplifier.

MEGAschino MK2

AVPL0043 copy_Q

The Cherry MEGA MK2 is a high performance power amplifier providing 120dB SNR and up to 1000Wpc.

Live Seminar

June 24, 2021


All About Cherry Amps

Tommy O'Brien

Tommy O'Brien of Digital Amp Co will be discussing all things Cherry Amplifiers. He'll be going over Cherry Multi-Channel Amplifiers: 2-CHerry, 3-CHerry, 4-CHerry, and 5-CHerry.

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