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We are Creative Sound Solutions and our mission is to provide the ultimate in sound quality at a price anyone can afford. We do that through a tiered pricing system that allows you to do none, some, or all of the work in building one of our speakers. This lets you decide where you spend your money by selecting only the options that are value add to you, but every option results in the same great sound. Creative Sound Solutions is operated out of the Southeast Michigan area by Dan Poinsett and Kerry Armes, two friends with a passion for great audio. Ownership of CSS was transferred the original founder, to us in June 2017 and since then we've been working on bringing back some of the great drivers CSS is known for, as well as introducing some cool new products to make it easier to get a world class speaker at a great price.

Product Offerings

CSS was born from the DIY spirit. With that in mind, we offer a complete line of products for three different target audiences.The DIY-erFor those that know their way around measurements and crossover designs, we offer all of our high quality drivers for sale individually. Our drivers compete with anything on the market and has been optimized for the best performance at in its price bracket.The Frugal AudiophileMaybe you don't know how to design your own crossover but are willing to do some of the work in putting a speaker together. We offer complete speaker kits that come with or without pre-cut MDF panels so you can build your own speaker from scratch. This option offers the same amazing performance as our fully finished speakers at equally amazing value. Our kits have been designed to be incredibly easy to put together to have you listening to great sound from a weekend project.The Cost-No-Object Customer For those who won't settle for less than the best, our finished speakers offer a turn key solution to get our reference level sound quality with a stunning cabinet that has been expertly hand finished by a local craftsman.

Criton 1TD Finished Pair


Available in black/rosewood or white/walnut. Artisan built and finished.

Criton 1TD Kit


Available with or without self-assemble cabinets. Build it yourself and get the same great sound but at drastically reduced pricing.

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