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Balanced Audio Technology is proud of the ongoing innovation it brings to high-end audio. We’re focused on providing a refreshing and unconventional approach to product design, and creating state-of-the-art components featuring stunning build quality and exceptional musical fidelity.

The culmination of 25 years of engineering excellence.

All REX 3 models replace the previous generation’s steel fabricated parts with a new all-aluminum chassis and improved venting patterns to maximize ventilation and thermal dissipation for long life and reliability of all tubes and critical components. REX 3 debuts as the manufacturer’s first tube amplifier available in an entirely silver-finished chassis. In addition, BAT’s logo has been refreshed to clearly communicate its engineering philosophy: The symmetry of the three letters (with the “A” serving as a fulcrum) represents the company’s famed balanced circuit design.

REX 3 Tube Power Amplifier


The REX 3 all-triode power amplifier is the culmination of Balanced Audio Technology engineer Victor Khomenko’s two-plus decades of research into creating the ultimate vacuum-tube power amp. A symmetrical single-ended bridge design featuring four of BAT’s signature triode 6C33C tubes with zero global feedback and an extremely short signal path that maintains a linear response in both frequency and phase domains, REX 3 delivers 80 watts per channel in stereo mode or 160 watts in full triode mode when configured as a monoblock pair. Its custom-made output transformers are made to BAT’s exact specification and have a wide-bandwidth frequency response from 5Hz up to 300kHz.

REX 3 Preamplifier


Comprised of a vacuum-tube power module and separate control module, the groundbreaking two-box component features second-generation amorphous-core output transformers wound with Cardas Audio’s finest OFC wire. Equally remarkable, the 10-tube REX power module incorporates additional oil-filled capacitors in an enhanced SuperPak assembly. Sonically, these critical additions offer finer dynamics, clarity, and top-to-bottom extension when compared to the already stellar previous REX generation. The easy-to-use REX 3 also boasts an incredible user interface and plenty of customizable options. And with the REX 3’s proprietary electronic shunt volume attenuator, you can always get the volume just right.



With REX 3 DAC, BAT wanted to create the most compellingly natural reproduction of the musical source. Ringing from filters that provide a perceived albeit false excitement in playback have no place in REX 3’s design. Instead, the proprietary DAC module runs at an ultra-high clock rate while employing custom filters to reconstruct the analog signal in a way that specifically complements REX 3 DAC’s unique high-current vacuum-tube output stage.

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