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Import & distribution of high-end audio components: Ideon Audio Larsen Ortho-Acoustic Speakers GamuT Pear Audio Blue Levin Design We are passionate about music. We believe people spend their hard earned cash on high-end audio components to get greater pleasure from their music collection and in their lives. We believe your stereo should sound as natural, as alive and as true to the original recording as possible. We want people to get amazing sound in their home – making you feel like you are right there, live! Experiencing the excitement. The manufactures we work with creates audio components that offers the ultimate musical experience – again and again and again. Enjoy!

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Larsen Ortho-Acoustic Speakers Ideon Audio - Digital Designs Pear Audio Blue - Turntables & tonearms

Larsen 9


Larsen Ortho-Acoustic Speakers Larsen speakers are designed to be placed against the wall and to work with the room - not against it. 4 different models.

Ideon Audio


Ideon Audio - Creating music out of digits Handcrafted proprietary digital designs DAC's, Streamers and re-clockers

Pear Audio Blue


Handcrafted turntables & tonearms 6 turntable & 3 tonearm models

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