Model Five Floorstanding Speaker


The KLH Model Five is the new shape of sound. This legendary, sought-after speaker is our best floorstanding speaker entirely dedicated to acoustic performance. Our new, iconic version of this late 1960s original roots directly from the heart of KLH, honoring the acoustic suspension design principles made famous by KLH founder Henry Kloss.

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Our evolved Model Five gives music lovers the luxury of filling their living space with the sound and aesthetic they’ve been searching for. Standing strong on a 5-degree slant riser base, the speaker’s upward angular stance ensures the sound is always directed accurately toward the listener.

The Model Five’s “Old-World Linen” textured grille cloth complements the rich finish of the genuine mahogany veneer, giving this loudspeaker a mid-century modern look that stops you in your tracks. And, it is now available in a gorgeous English Walnut finish with "Stonewash Linen" grille clothes! The fact that this remarkable floorstanding loudspeaker is made with sustainable materials and packaging is just icing on the cake. The Model Five never fails to leave a jaw-dropping impact on those who experience its electric presence and high-fidelity sound. Regardless of whether your listening space is too “live” or too “dead,” this speaker will articulate high-quality sound anywhere, in any room. Welcome to a new era of sound, audiophiles.


  • Iconic Mid-Century Modern Styling
  • Acoustic Suspension Design – The most accurate and linear enclosure design available today
  • Three-Position Acoustic Balance Control to tailor the loudspeaker’s output for the most difficult acoustic environments
  • Dedicated midrange driver to reproduce the critical mid-frequency band
  • Non-Resonant Die-Cast Aluminum Midrange & Woofer Frames
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Tweeter Faceplate
  • KLH cabinetry featuring a structurally reinforced ¾” MDF enclosure
  • Thirteen component network using high-quality iron-core inductors & Mylar capacitors
  • Each speaker includes its own 5° slant riser base made of powder coated 14-gauge steel
  • Low-profile magnet attached grille
  • 10-Year Warranty

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