Press and Media

The AV Summit 
is an online summit 
for Audio/Video companies.

This is a truly interactive experience, not a glorified live stream. Deals will happen. Important contacts will be made. New relationships will be built, and existing ones strengthened.

Media Partners

Joe N Tell
The AV Summit, YouTube Influencer 

I create high-quality YouTube videos about audio, video, home theater, personal audio, and other tech. I create content that builds a solid foundation for new audio enthusiasts while also satisfying more experienced hobbyists.

Techno dad
DJ, YouTube Influencer 

On my channel, you'll find unboxing and setup videos to help you get your 4K Home Theater up and running at light speed. If you have a question, shoot me an email, or drop a comment because I'm here to help!

Stop the FOMO
Stop the FOMO
YouTube Influencer 

YouTube TV Reviewer since 2019. Product Strategist since 2010. Fun conversationalist since forever.

YouTube Influencer 

I have been passionate about Home Audio and Video for the past 30 years. My love for Home Theater and Music has provided me with an opportunity to connect with an audience through the YouTube Platform. I have the heart of a teacher and love providing content that is both educational as well as entertaining.

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