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Company Name

Driver Configuration

Enclosure Type

Port-Firing Direction

Woofer Size (Inches)

Woofer Material

Low Frequency Extension (-3dB point in hz)

High Frequency Extension (-3dB point in hz)

Tweeter Size (Inches)

Tweeter Type

Tweeter Material

Minimum Wattage

Maximum Wattage

Sensitivity (dB)

Nominal Impedance (Ohms)

Color Options

Number of Channels (Powered)

Number of Channels (Processed)

Continuous Power Per Channel in Watts (8 ohms all channels driven)

2-Channel RMS Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.05% THD 2 Channels Driven)

Amplifier Class Type (A, B, A/B, D, Tube, etc)

Stable at 4 Ohms

Remote Control



Bluetooth Version

DAC Chipset (Name)

Tone Controls

Low-Pass Crossover

High-Pass Crossover

User-Adjustable High-Pass Crossover

# of Subwoofer Outputs

Room Correction Type (Name)

Dolby Atmos Decoding

DTS-X Decoding

IMAX Enhanced

Headphone Amplifier

Network Streaming

Roon Compatibility Type

# of Analog Inputs (RCA)

# of HDMI Inputs

Optical (SPDIF) Input

Digital Coaxial Input

Phono Preamp

Preamp Mode (Can be used as a preamp only)

Smartphone App Control

Voice Control

Upgradeable Hardware

Firmware Upgradeable

Balanced XLR Inputs

Signal to Noise Ratio

Damping Factor

AM/FM Tuner

VU Meters

Knob Material(s)

Toroidal Transformer


Weight (lbs)

Adjustable Capacitance

Adjustable Resistance

Tonearm Effective Length (in Inches)

Balanced XLR Outputs

Battery Powered

Belt Drive

Cable Type

Conductive Material

Direct Drive




Maximum Headphone Amplifier Power in Watts (at 16 Ohms)

Headphone Amp THD (Total Harmonic Distortion Percentage at 1 Volt, 1kHz)

Maximum Bit-Depth (in bits)

Maximum Length (in Inches)

Minimum Length (in Inches)

Moving Coil

Moving Magnet

MQA Decoding

Platter Material

Product Platter Weight in lbs.

Plinth Material



Subsonic Filter

Termination Type

Tonearm Length (in inches)

Tonearm Mass (in grams)

Tonearm Material

USB Input

Vacuum Tube


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