October 22nd - 26th, 2020 Q4


Thanks for making 2020 Q4 an awesome Summit! See you in 2021!

Have you always wanted to attend a HiFi show but couldn't? Now you can!
All day excitement for audio enthusiasts of all ages. Take your time and see what everyone has to offer.
Live Q&A with your favorite brands, dealers, engineers and experts.
The most giveaways in the history of hifi. Show specials on tons of products.

This is the first online trade show and worldwide conference the HiFi industry has ever seen. Although we created this in response to COVID-19, we believe this is the future of HiFi trade shows. If there’s doubt, consider how crazy online shopping seemed 20 years ago.

We've created a trade show that companies deserve and an expo that consumers will love.

Get ready for an entertaining, engaging, and educational time.

Although we can’t be together in person, we’re glad you’re here with us.

– Joe (Joe N Tell) Mariano

For our second Summit, our focus was on delivering the best possible experience for attendees. This time around, we asked more from exhibitors. We only wanted companies who truly wanted to connect with you and the audio community. Seminar speakers will take the time after their sessions to answer attendee questions in the VIP video chat. They’ve made videos specifically to introduce you to their brand and products.

When it comes time to upgrade your system or to recommend products to others, remember that these companies are the ones who thought it was important to interact with customers and potential customers. They felt that it was worth their time and effort to participate in The Hi-Fi Summit 2020 Q4. I applaud them for their courage, conviction, and belief in us. I am proud to be a part of this audio community!

Together, let’s journey to the top!

Joe Mariano

Brands from Around the World

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Silver Sponsors

Brand Directory

Abt Electronics

AIX Records

Antal Audio Group – Triangle Hifi USA





Creative Sound Solutions

Daily HiFi


Dayton Audio

Definitive Technology


Digital Amplifier Company (Cherry Amp)




Gershman Acoustics

Home Theater Hobbyist

JTR Speakers

Just Audio

Kali Audio


KCC Scientific



LEAK Audio

Little Fwend

Marketing Masterclass by Daily HiFi

McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

MoFi Electronics

NAD Electronics


Nessie & Hannl Record Cleaners



PIEGA Speakers

Polk Audio


Pro-Ject USA

PSB Speakers


Sonic Presence

Sonus Faber



United Home Audio

Valencia Theater Seating







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Said About Event

"During this tough time we need something that can link us with our hobbies. The HiFi Summit is the perfect answer because it links us audiophiles with each other and allows people around the world to experience something that they have never experienced before. "
Saudi Arabia
"I have always wanted to go to an actual audio show and planned to do so in recent months.  But without the resources to attend my first show in this trying time, I am excited for this innovated approach to attend my first trade show safely and securely. People of all ages and demographics get the chance to explore the audio world in such an exciting first of its kind format! "
"The Hifi Summit is a step into the future of a more connected and easy to access audio expo. It's the first hifi show that felt like it had my generation in mind. I can't wait to learn more about audio products and how to live with them that go beyond just spec sheets and photos. "

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You decide which products will win awards for Most Innovative, Best Design, Best Presentation, and Most Desirable.

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