October 24, 2021

Dirac Live

Superior sound for everyone

The interaction between your sound system and the physical layout of your room has a huge impact on sound quality. Dirac Live® Room Correction applies state-of-the-art, patented algorithms to analyze and digitally reduce room impact and enhance speaker performance. Dirac Live delivers a larger sweet spot, accurate staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and a deeper, tighter bass not otherwise possible. Fully tunable to your preference.

Dirac Live® Room Correction

Hear your music – not your room

No matter how much or how little you’ve invested in your sound system, the room will always impact the sound quality – an all too often overlooked fact. Dirac Live Room Correction software deals with these challenges in a unique way. It addresses issues that no other product on the market can. That’s why it’s been adopted by the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end audio-video equipment and praised by audiophiles and music creators all over the world.

Room correction solutions have been around for decades. Still, at Dirac, we realized they only act as advanced equalizers, smoothing the frequency curve but totally missing the timing aspect. Room reflections and misaligned speakers cause sounds to arrive at your ears with different time delays. These time shifts blur the sound image. That’s why we developed Dirac Live. Based on patented technology, Dirac Live optimizes the sound with respect to frequency and time. It does so not only in one sweet spot but over the whole listening area, be it a chair, a sofa, or an auditorium.

Who needs Dirac Live® Room Correction?

Dirac Live® is designed for both home and professional audio applications. For instance, Datasat and StormAudio use it for their high-performance cinema and audio processors; Arcam and NAD use it for an ultimate sound experience in home cinema. Car manufacturers like Bentley, BMW, Rolls Royce, and Volvo also use Dirac Live® technology. But you don’t have to be a wealthy audiophile to enjoy Dirac Live Room Correction. We empower any consumer to enhance their sound systems without breaking the bank.

Dirac Live® Bass Control

The challenge of multi-subwoofer bass management is finally solved using software!

While room correction software improves your speaker system, subwoofers – which produce the low-frequency bass tones – have historically gone unaddressed. As a result, these sound waves bounce throughout a space, interfering with each other to create an uneven bass distribution in a room – good bass in certain areas and no bass in others. As a result, the listening experience varies depending on your position in the room.

With the unique Dirac Live® Bass Control feature, we’ve solved the bass challenges with software, and it’s easy to use. Just set the target curve, and our algorithms will make sure that all your subwoofers support your full-range speakers to achieve it – no more guesswork or trial and error.

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