Daily HiFi

September 21, 2021

There has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers search for information about consumer electronics before making buying decisions. The ability to assemble research through online videos, podcasts, print reviews, social media, and interaction with other consumers has completely transformed the way people shop. Traditional media is no longer an effective medium for influencing buying decisions. There is a better way.

Services We Offer

Content Creation

  • Product Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Product Photography
  • Ad Creation

Advertising Opportunities

  • Sponsored Mentions on Videos
  • Sponsored Mentions on Podcasts
  • Channel Sponsorship for YouTube
  • Channel Sponsorship on Podcasts
  • Website Banner Advertising
  • Sponsored Posts on Facebook/Stories
  • Sponsored Posts on Instagram/Stories
  • Sponsored Posts on Twitter
  • Cross-Platform & Cross-Channel Sponsored Mentions

Trade Show Coverage

  • Live Coverage
  • Dedicated In-Room Coverage
  • In-Room Audio Recordings with Professional Mics
  • Same Day Edits


  • Social Media Marketing Consultation
  • Influencer Marketing Consultation
  • PPC/PPM Advertising Consultation
  • Branding Consultation

Product Development Feedback

Reviews (Free)*

  • Video Product Reviews
  • Written Product Reviews

*Product/service reviews are independent of our paid services. We review products that we feel are of interest to us and our audience. Advertising is not a pre-requisite for reviewing a product. Advertising with us will not have a positive effect on the outcome of our reviews. Companies may not advertise on the same video as a review of their product.

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