June 26-28, 2022


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Happening every day during The HiFi Summit, Sound Power Hour brings you a 1 hour private presentation with your favorite brands. Note: some companies may not have a representative available every day due to short notice.

About Us

KLH Audio was established in 1957 by Henry Kloss, Malcolm Lowe & Joseph Hofmann in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2017, the brand got acquired by David Kelley, former President of Global Sales and board member for Klipsch. KLH is now headquartered in Noblesville, IN, and continuously growing since its relaunch. As president and CEO of KLH, Dave Kelley has taken KLH back to its roots and back to Henry Kloss’s original mission to design, manufacture, and sell world-class loudspeakers at affordable prices. The KLH owner and employees have a deep passion for reproducing live music and cinematic experiences with high-quality products and systems that bring it to life. KLH wants to help the next generation of music lovers connect with their favorite songs and movies through KLH premium speakers and headphones.

Product(s) Summary

KLH manufactures a premium line of affordable bookshelf and floor standing loudspeakers to accommodate two-channel hi-fi and home theater setups. Our powered subwoofers, center channels, and surround speakers complement the high-fidelity sound and world-class design of the KLH loudspeakers. The KLH lineup also consists of true wireless earbuds, headphones, and custom-install indoor and outdoor speakers. Our speakers and headphones irrefutably fulfill the original KLH brand promise of using high-quality materials and innovative design to produce superior products that inspire music lovers and movie buffs alike.

Live Seminar

June 25, 2021


KLH Company & Products

Josh Finkelstein

Josh Finkelstein of KLH Audio will be discussing the KLH brand and products.

Contact Information

(833) 554-8326

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